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Zyatropin Reviews and Side Effects exposed: Legit?

A reader asked me if I have heard about a new penis enlargement product called “Zyatropin”. The name is catchy and it sounds familiar. According to the advertising claims, “doctors say it can increase size, make you fuller, heighten sex drive and give you plenty of energy.” It certainly sounds like a dream comes true for men, doesn’t it? However, I always ask people to do their due diligence about anything they buy, even about products that I recommend, so it makes sense to follow my own advice.

Anyway.. I took a closer look on Zyatropin, and the results aren’t exactly pretty..

The first red flag

As mentioned about, Zyatropin is allegedly a clinically proven penis enlargement product. According to the official website, it can add massive size to your most prized organ easily! I don’t want to rain on your parade, but no pill in this world can alter your penis size. That’s right: Zyatropin is not going to transform you from Geico Lizard into Godzilla.

Sure.. the maker of Zyatropin claims that the product is clinically tested and it’s supported by clinical trials. The thing is, Zyatropin may contains proven ingredients, but the product itself is not tested clinically. On the official website of Zyatropin, you will see research papers on two ingredients: Butea Superba and Carnitine. This is what I observed:

– In the clinical trials of Butea Superba, only 17 men completed the course.
Verdict: the sample size is too small to draw conclusion.

– In the study of Cartitine, it proved to be effective drug for therapy of symptoms associated with male aging.
Verdict: the exact amount of Carnitine inside Zyatropin is not unknown. I am not sure if the product contains beneficial dosage of Carnitine.

Again, Zyatropin has not been proven to enlarge men’s groinal region.

So who’s behind Zyatropin?
The guys behind Zyatropin do not publish their contact number, email and address on the website. Also, the information of domain registrar is kept hidden. It makes me wonder, if Zyatropin is as good as they claim, why do the operators remain anonymous?

The domain, http://www.zyatropin.com is registered on 5 April 2014. Since then the product has win industry award (according to the salespage). The thing is, who rated it as such, and if the award is truly credible, remain a mystery to me.

Buyers beware: The ingredients list of Zyatropin is unknown. If you are under heart medications, approach the product with extra caution to avoid side effects.

So what’s the bottom line? As there are too many questions remain unanswered, I am staying away from Zyatropin at the moment. If you have used this products, please tell me what you think.

Also… if I am wrong on anything stated in this article, kindly correct me. I will admit my mistake and edit accordingly.

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  • Jesus rodriguez July 8, 2014, 7:10 pm

    Hi doc I have been taking zya tropin now for about 20 days and to be honest I haven’t notice much of a diffence. My sperm reproduction is a little better but that’s about it. I will continue to used it for another month i’ll get back to you if anything changes.

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