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Zynev 2016 Reviews and Side Effects: Beware

Zynev is the latest male enhancement supplement endorsed by retired NBA player Tom Chamber. This product is said to be “fast acting formula” that claim to “increase size, boost performance and amplify pleasure”.

Um… increase size? Sorry guys, such things don’t exist. Here I’ve written many times: there’s no proven penis growth pills in this planet. You’d think this is common sense but many guys let insecurity get the better of them. There’s never storage of miracle solutions aimed at enhancing men’s favorite organ – because the advertisers are making money.

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Despite the hype, let’s take a closer look at Zynev. Here’s a roundup of the advertising claims and my verdict:

Claim #1: Zynev is a safe way to boost free testosterone and burn fat.

Verdict: There’s no good evidence behind this claim. Zynev contains Saw Palmetto, Horny Goat Weed, Boron and Sarsaparilla. The individual ingredient might be useful, but human trials of the product is needed to validate the advertising claims.

Claim #2: Retired basket ball player Tom Chambers recommended Zynev. He said: “Zynev is the most powerful male supplement available and I can feel the difference! I love it because it works!”

Verdict: Chances are Mr. Chambers is paid to endorse Zynev. Whether or not he actually takes the product is not known. Even if he actually does, Zynev is likely to be placebo.

Claim #3: On the order page of Zynev, the 30 day supply is priced at $5.95 (including shipping).

Verdict: if you click on “Terms” at the bottom of order page, you will realize that this is actually a free trial program. As stated:

“You understand that you are subscribing to a monthly shipment program and you will be charged $69.99 per month starting 21 days from today and every 30 days thereafter unless canceled.”

Whenever you come across this “free offers”, please exercise extreme caution. In most cases, it’s difficult to make cancellation and obtain refund. What’s more, the Zynev website is not verified and secured as it claimed to be. The website has not been proven secured for financial transactions.

What about the size effects? For sure, the maker of Zynev said their product is safe. However, the product is new (the domain of its official website is registered in March 2015). The long term safety and side effects are not known. They also do not mention any possible drug interaction. Now, if you do not know what the side effect is, you are playing in dangerous water.

Given all of this, it’s hard to recommend Zynev at the time of writing. Remember:size really doesn’t really matter as much as you think. Really, size is not proportional to your partner’s sexual satisfaction. With the combination of red hot foreplay and strategic positions, you can make it work in the sack – even if you do not measure up. Here’s how.

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