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Zyntix Scam Reviews: An Evidenced-based Analysis

Summary: Zyntix seems to contains some useful ingredients, but we are not sure if the product is properly dosed. There’s no evidence that Zyntix can increase penis size and boost testosterone level. As well, the Zyntix is promoted through free trial scheme, which raises a red flag! Read on as we reveal a reliable method to increase your size naturally. No pills, device, herb, cream, or surgery required.

Full Review:

When I came across the ads for Zyntix, I shook my head with disbelief.

Zyntix is touted to be the “number one pill in the US” can make your penis bigger and also pump up “free testosterone”.

What an outrageous promise!

It has been said a million times by the experts: your size is genetically determined. No pills in this world can change the size of your manhood. The only thing getting bigger is the bank account of the companies that peddle these enlargement pills.

After reviewing scientific research, it’s very clear that the vast majority of male enhancement pills (including Zyntix) are not backed by clinical evidence. The thing is, most consumers do not realize that these products are largely unregulated. According to the passage of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act [1], manufacturers are allowed to market dietary supplements with FDA approval of safety and efficacy.

In other words, don’t believe everything in the advertisement. A healthy dose of skepticism will never lead you astray.

If you are still keen on Zyntix formula, read on as we take a real hard look at the ingredients profile.

First thing first
Before trying a herb or a supplement, you need to look at the big picture first.

Ask yourself this: are you really undersized?

This study [2] shows that the average penile length is 13.12cm or 5.17 inches. The majority of the penises (about 96%) are between 10 and 16.5 cm, or between 3.9 and 6.5 inches in length.

When a woman is aroused, the vagina length increase to 4.25 ~ 4.75 inches [3]. Theoretically, the vagina is an “elastic” organ, but many women cannot accommodate a 7” penis or longer without discomfort. I’ve heard women described the feeling as “being pounded by space shuttle” and it hurts big time. So no, is not necessarily better!

If you can’t help but want to be bigger, here’s what you can do: drop some pounds. Chances are, your belly fat is hiding some of the base of your penis. When you lose weight, your south department will look bigger.

Anecdotally speaking, for every 30 lbs loss, your size increases by one inch.

Recommended reading: Do this simple 2-minutes ritual to lose 1 pound of belly fat

If you are on the small side, be creative in bed. Get rid of the defeating mindset. Focus on pleasuring your partner during foreplay, and master strategic positions to make her feel bigger.

Zyntix Formula: The Ingredients Profile

Boron: On the official website of Zyntix, boron is said to assist nitric oxide production, which is inaccurate. However, a study [4] shows that it can increase free testosterone in healthy male adults. The sample size is small (8 volunteers), so more robust studies are required.

Saw Palmetto: The maker of Zyntix claimed that this herb is the Asian “blue pill”. Saw Palmetto has been hyped to increase testosterone, improve sex drive, and suppress prostate growth; but the scientific evidence is lacking.

Horny Goat Weed: this herb has held the reputation as erectile aid and sexual enhancer in traditional Chinese medicine. The active compound of Horny Goat Weed, Icariin, and its derivatives have been suggested to increase nitric oxide synthesis in penis [5], boost testosterone level [6], and improve erectile functions [7]. These are rats studies, and no human studies exist on the subject matter.

Note that Icariin has been shown to have low oral bioavailability and poor absorption[8]. Taking supplements with Horny Goat Weed may not benefit you much.

Tongkat Ali Extract: Tongkat Ali is well known for the aphrodisiac effects. The study shows that the herb can help to improve erectile function, sexual libido, sperm motility and semen volume. [9]

At the moment, no evidence suggests that Tongkat Ali supplementation can boost testosterone level in healthy men.

Note that Genuine Tongkat Ali is rare and expensive. Evidence [10, 11] suggests that many Tongkat Ali products contain toxic heavy metals or undeclared prescription drug.

Bottom line: none of the herbs in Zyntix are proven to benefit phallus size. The formula may increase testosterone slightly and momentarily if it’s properly dosed.

Buyer aware
Zyntix is promoted through free trial and the shipping fee is $1.95 . On the order page, there’s a small fine print at the bottom that says

“By submitting, you connect to having read and agreed to out Terms and Conditions and after your 14 day trial period has expired, being enrolled in our membership program for $89.95 plus shipping per month. You can cancel anytime by calling (855) 724-3778”.

So.. if you do not cancel after 14 days ( the trial period usually starts from the day you place order), you will be charged $89.95 every month for supply of an unproven product. “Free” products aren’t really free after all. In our experience, it’s often very hard to make cancellation and obtain refund.

I tried to research the company behind Zyntix to no avail. The address published on the official website belongs to a UPS central.

Conclusion: Without clinical studies on Zyntix on the long-term safety and effectiveness, it’s hard to recommend the product.

What do you think? Have you tried Zyntix?

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[1] Pray WS. A History of Nonprescription Product Regulation. New York, NY: The Haworth Press, Inc.; 2003

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