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Zytenz Pills 2016 Reviews and side effects

Zytenz claimed to be “#1 male enhancer you’ll be shocked isn’t a prescription”. The company claimed that they spent 7 years of rigorous research and testing to create Zytenz formula. What’s more, this product is “an affordable way to increase size and achieve more enjoyable sex”.

Despite the fancy words, the marketing and formulation are pretty typical for male enhancement products sold on the internet. Although the marketing language is vague, many would assume that this product can help to increase penis size. The only problem is: it won’t. No pills in this world can alter your size, period. There’s simply no true science behind penis enlargement pills.

Having said that, let’s take a closer look on what’s inside Zytenz.

So… one bottle of Zytenz contains 28 servings, and one serving contains the following key ingredients: Tribulus Terrestris, Arginine, Muira Puama, Epimedium, Tongkat Ali etc. These ingredients are commonly found in most libido enhancer and male enhancement supplements. From an ingredients perspective, I’d say Zytenz is OK, considering the fact that this is a product without proprietary blend. The label clearly listed exact amount of every ingredient.

Here’s the comparison between Zytenz vs Vigrx Plus, our top choice:

However, there are some problems with Zytenz:

#1. Zytenz does not contain Bioperine to enhance bioavailibity. Specifically, bioavailibity is a term used to describe how effectively the body absorbs nutrients. When taking nutritional supplements (like Zytenz), it’s important to consider the bioavailibity of the products. You should make sure the nutrients can bypass the acidic environment of the stomach to be adsorb by your body. I highly recommend you to stick supplements with Bioperine – which has been proven in U.S. Clincial studies to safely improve the absorption of nutrients that it is combined with by at least 30%.

#2. Zytenz is not backed by clinical studies. As this product is new, there’s no way to know its long term side effects and effectiveness.

#3. The maker of Zytenz doesn’t look like a reputable company. On the “Terms of Use” of the Zytenz official website, it’s stated that the company behind Zytenz is called “Synergistic Nutritional Compounds LLC”. A quick search on the domain name (www.zytenz.com) shows that it’s registered under NutriPharm LLC. These two companies, and one called “Advantage Nutraceuticals LLC” share the same address. It’s quite possible that Synergistic Nutritional Compounds LLC,  NutriPharm LLC & Advantage Nutraceuticals LLC belong to the same operators.

Nutripharm LLC received a rating of F on BBB: (Source)


We also found that the maker of Zytenz “Synergistic Nutritional Compounds LLC” also manufacture Lipofuze, a weight loss product with a lot of negative feedback due to misleading advertising and lack of effectiveness.


Contact Zytenz Customer Service

Address: 4778 North 300 West, Suite 120, Provo, UT 84604

Phone Number: 801-319-9865


OK so what about the side effects? This product is probably safe for general use. However, the long term consequences are not well-studied.  If you are concerned, or you are taking any drugs, please consult your doctor first! It’s especially important if you are taking medications for heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing special about Zytenz. You may go ahead to try it if you want, just don’t expect miracles!



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