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Zero Belly Diet Review and Analysis: Does it Really Work?

336x280-VenusFactor-1066Weight loss is a billion dollar industry in America, and there are countless programs you can subscribe that claim to target belly fat, for example: “Zero Belly Diet”. It’s the latest weight loss program invented by David Zinczenko, best selling author of “Ab Diets” and “Cook this, Not that”. According to its salesletter and official homepage, Zero Belly Diet is the “revolutionary new plan to turn off your fat genes”. Besides, it “have been shown to quickly shrink your belly. You may lose up to 16 pounds in 2 weeks. Best of all, calories counting and exercise are not necessary!

So the question is: does Zero Belly Diet work? Or it’s just another marketing gimmick?

First let’s take a look on the component of this diet. Everyday you are required to consume three meals, a snack and a smoothie. Your meals should consist of lean protein, healthy fiber, and quality fiber. The recommended food include: egg, red fruit, olive oil, rice, bean oats lean meat, leafy green, and bright veggies. In addition, you are asked to cut down salt, dairy and artificial sweeteners. The ad claims there’s no “dieting” yet in the book the author actually recommends the proportion size you should eat.

So… the Zero Belly Diet appears to be sensible and healthy, but it’s certainly not ground breaking, just common sense advice. If you strictly follow this diet, you may lose weight and some of it will come from your belly or other areas. Your body decides where to store fat and where to lose it. There’s no diet, food, or supplement that will cause your body to remove off one place versus another.

And there’s another caveat..

According to the advertising claims of official website (zerobelly.com), they emphasize that you don’t have to exercise (“zero exercise”). But, in the book the author recommends you to perform 20 minutes exercise. In fact, you will find more content about exercise than the details on what to eat and recipes. Of course, regular exercise can assist belly shrink, but I find the advertising claims to be somewhat misleading.

So let’s summarize. While Zero Belly Diet is not a revolutionary approach to fat loss, it can certainly help you to lose weight and improve overall well-being. Just remember: there’s no magical cure for belly fat.

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